70% of rapes occure in the victims own home. Learn how to keep your self safe!

From the Desk of Eldra McCracken:

Dear Friend,

Have you ever been terrified to go to sleep for fear of your life?

Have you ever wondered if someone crept into your house that you could do something to protect yourself?

Do you want a list of specific steps to take to ensure your home really IS your castle?

...Your place of defense, a fortress against attacks from the outside?

You can make your home as impenetrable as possible using the information in this ebook.

I have payed a lot more to get this information than you will.

This information is worth at least $98.00 (What I payed to get it).

But I am offering for $35.   For $15. Now it's yours FREE!!!

This information is too important and basic for people not to have. And while we have other programs that we do charge for -- they are the best on the market and well worth the money,  we want everyone to have at least some margin of safety that isn't so pricey.

So why do I offer this info?

I've been stalked and hounded by an ex-boyfriend and continually worried if I would be safe in my own home.

Believe me I know what it's like lay awake in the dark listening to every sound for fear of attack.

I've lived on the fringes of the ghetto with shootings going on every other weekend concerned about my baby's safety.

I've decided it's not healthy to live with that much fear.

It's all way to stressful. It's just not a good feeling.

So what can you do to protect your self and family in your own house?

I will show you all the steps to take in this ebook so that you can truely create a haven out of your home.

A place to rest, relax, feel secure and confident. A place to sleep easy and deep. A place of peace, fun and reguvination.

So Can you turn even a Trailer Home into a Secure Fortress? Sure you can -- if you know what you're doing...

It doesn't matter what it looks like, or what it's built out of (except maybe straw like the third house of the Three Little Pigs! ) . It only matters what steps and precautions you have in place.

In the ebook I outline exactly what you can use, when to use it, and how to use it.

  • How to detect criminals before they enter your home and even before they enter your yard..
  • The best weapons to use to protect yourself.
  • Different things you can do to slow down and stop criminals.
  • The importance of having a plan.
  • Creating the right mindset that will make sure you live even if someone does make it past all the layers of protection you create, which is not likely.
  • What steps to take to find out if an area has a lot of crime --especially important to do before purchasing or renting.  I didn't know this step and ended up living a BAD part of town because of it.  My own family and relatives didn't like to visit because they were scared for their lives.

And come on people -- the ghetto might look cool or funny or glamerous in the movies, but in real life it just sucks!

We hear it on the news all the time..
  • People raped and/or killed in their own homes.
  • Children kidnapped from their own bedrooms.
  • Seniors who are targeted for home crimes and robberies because they are believed to be weak.
If you don't want to be a statistic then you must get information and take action right away to create the safety you want!

This is the EXACT information that police and security experts teach!

You never know when these crimes can occure. Why risk your life? Get this information today and begin on the path to safety.

Remember, I'm giving you a fantastic price so you can get started today! You will know all the important things you need to make your home into your own personal haven of safety.

Remember you are getting this information not for $98.00

But for Only $15!

Now yours FREE!

Click here to download.

Download Here

Use this information now so you can protect your family and be safe in your own home.

Remember to register your ebook to read all the chapters. And send it to everyone you know. It will get the work out about what we are doing and help everyone be safer!

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